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    Default Cut-out made easy.

    Recently got a call from a neighbor saying he had bees in his old chicken shed and he was going to tear it down. I asked if he could wait until next spring because it was so late in the year. Alas, his wife overruled him and said get the bees out.

    A massive number of bees were in two different sections of the shed. One was around 15-20 ft. in the air and the other was about 5ft up. Long story made short. We plugged all the holes, took a chainsaw and cut around the hive, and moved them to a new location. One hive measured 2x7 the other was 6x6. We had to have a tractor lift one and a forklift to lift the other, because they were so heavy.

    Hopefully they will make it through winter and I can take them out at that point. He told me they have been there since at least the 80s and produce swarms almost every year. I was like "Why haven't you been calling me!" he said he didn't know what the swarms were doing. I'm guessing he thought the bees enjoyed an afternoon stroll.
    As Grandma says "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"

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    Default Re: Cut-out made easy.

    We did this a few years ago with a house that was being torn down in the middle of winter when it was 15 degrees outside. Moved the wall section to my place and set it against a tree and did the cutout in the spring. Worked great.

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    Default Re: Cut-out made easy.

    Nice feral survivors!
    I think there is a really good chance the will make it through winter.
    Ask him to set up swam traps, they will prevent the bees from moving in more old structures. There is a good chance you would be collecting swarms from swarms of your new hives.
    Some areas I catch swarms year after year. This year I had 2 spots I caught 3 swarms from and one spot I caught 2.

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    Default Re: Cut-out made easy.

    What do you do to the 2 hive on the cut out boards?
    Do you hive them into the Langs hives afterward?
    Don't mix foreign bees into a virgin hive. She might get balled 100% of the time! When will you ever learn, huh?


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