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    Default Triangle bee escape & dead bees on inner cover

    Hi folks,

    First time using a triangle escape board, and something bizarre happened. Yesterday I put the escape underneath the two supers I wanted to extract (hole up, triangle down), put on the inner cover and then telescoping cover, and came back about 24 hours later. The triangle escape worked as advertised and cleared 98% of the bees out of the supers (I was impressed), but to my dismay I also noticed at least 100 - 150 dead bees on top of the inner cover when I opened up the hive--I've never seen anything like that, I mean it looked like every bee that usually hangs out up there just dropped dead. There were a handful of dead bees on top of the bee escape itself, but not many. I'm totally baffled as to what could've happened.

    When I put the escape on yesterday, I did NOT prop up the telescoping cover like I usually do for ventilation, as I was worried about robbers. Maybe they overheated? It also got down to 59 degrees last night, though I doubt that would've killed any that weren't bright enough to climb down through the escape.

    Any ideas? What can I do different next time? Using the triangle escape board really made life a lot easier (beats brushing off the bees from the frames I want to extract), but I really don't want to kill bees like that.

    Any insight/suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Triangle bee escape & dead bees on inner cover

    Where did you put the inner cover? When I use an escape the telescoping cover is put directly on the top super and the escape between the super and the rest of the hive, leave everything else off

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    Default Re: Triangle bee escape & dead bees on inner cover

    you might have had a rush to the exit on inner cover or blockage. I think the Hawkster has it right. B


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