These queens are out of Joe Latshaw Italian stock and are open mated in my mating yards flooded with overwintered Carniolan colonies. The overwintered colonies have a diverse background of genetics that are constantly being brought in and tested. Genetics include; Michael Palmer, Koehnen, VP Spartan daughters, Glenn VSH Dark daughters, Harbo daughters, and overwintered swarms caught in swarm traps over the last few years. There are no southern package queens used in the mating yard areas. Everything is overwintered and from a sustainable operation. All queens have been in mating nucs for at least 3 weeks before shipping. Any questions feel free to e-mail me.

Queens are $22.00 marked and shipped in JZBZ cages. 5 or more queens $20 each.

USPS Express Shipping is $20
Priority in State is $7

Dan Williams
Frankfort, Ohio
740-703-3941 (best way to contact me)