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    Default What is the latest you have done a trapout?

    I live in the Methow Valley, Central WA where we have been having huge wildfires. 2 days ago(according to the property owners) a swarm showed up and they have moved into a wall. My thought is they may have vacated a tree because of the fires(but of course it could be from somebody's hive as well). Anyway it is August and I know that trapouts take 6-9 weeks or longer. The owners want them gone(they own a golf course)..not sure they want to open up the wall(on the outside eastern side of the building. So is it possible to do a trapout this late in the season?? And if they bees have only been in their for a couple days I am assuming they haven't gotten very far with wax(but who knows)/honey....Any ideas, advice, warnings....? I have never done this..just wondering. If they are willing to open up their wall it would be my first cut out..more experienced beeks in the valley are not interested..too late(and I think because of all the stress not very motivated). Thanks, Halley

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    Default Re: What is the latest you have done a trapout?

    Just my two cents.

    I've never done a trap out but I wonder if you set a hive with some open brood up close to where they are to entice them out. Maybe spray the empty frames down with some sugar water.

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    Default Re: What is the latest you have done a trapout?

    I agree with beesohappy. Try and set a empty hive box with some open brood, sugar water up on a shelf, ladder post up as high as their entrance. Just for good measure get some "Lemongrass Oil" and put several drops on the entrance of the box. Lemongrass Oil has worked for us here in Texas a few times.

    Good Luck


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