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    Default Moving Honey Frames?

    I added a second super to one of my hives a few weeks ago, and there has been no interest in the bees moving up. There are two frames on each side of the hive (4 total) that are honey frames, should I swap one or two of the bottom honey frames with empty frames on the second super? The entire first super has been full for over three weeks, and I dont believe that there is any more room for the queen to lay, so shouldn't it help to move empty frames down so the queen can have more room? Most of the honey is capped.

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    Default Re: Moving Honey Frames?

    although some may advise you to move frames up to encourage the bees up, this is not always necessary, or even the best thing to do.

    Not being in Connecticut this year it is difficult to be exact, However, I am willing to bet that you are in a dearth at present. Which will inhibit the bees need and ability to draw comb. Bees do not randomly draw comb for future use. They must have a need. In times of dearth there is no surplus nectar to store, thus there is no need to draw comb. Moving homey frames up at this time will only lead to empty frames in the lower box.

    It should also be mentioned that queens frequently slow down, or even cease laying during times of dearth. If you want the colony to build you must make them believe it is a time of plenty. To do so simply Feed them 1x1 syrup.

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    Default Re: Moving Honey Frames?

    Might depend on if there is a good flow in your area at the present time. Do the frames in the top super have drawn cells, or do the bees need to build them up? I'd be more inclined to move a couple of frames of brood up, which might induce the queen to expand the brood area but have never had this issue before. Others with more experience will likely chime in.

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    Default Re: Moving Honey Frames?

    I will second that idea. Get a hivetop feeder and shoot the 1:1 syrup to them until they have a second deep completely full. You may get some fall flow from goldenrod to help them out, but you NEED two deeps that far north or they will starve out.

    A protein patty won't hurt either, fed in small amounts, maybe 1/4 lb at a time. The protein and the syrup will start the queen back up and get the bees drawing comb.



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