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    From the beginning.
    Had two hives of carnies going in to last winter , came thru with one. After the remaining hive ( 1 ) got up and running well did a spring split. Hive ( 2 ) is doing well. Queens laying and all is well. So hive one is still going like gangbusters so I do another split. After 35 days I see a Queen but not laying (3). Figured she needed to go on a mating flight. So on hive 1, full of bees in two deeps, Queen excluder and two shallows full of honey, I decide to move the Queen and some Brood ( 4 ) and food and let hive 1 requeen. Hive 2 and 4 now haves Queens. Hive 1 made Queen cells but I couldn't find her. No new brood or eggs after 50 days. But they are still making honey. So I moved a frame of fresh eggs and with some brood with no bees to hive 1. Will this work ? probably just going to write off hive 3. They are down to just a handful of bees. Seems I may have gotten to aggressive trying to build up my hives. Impatience is a terrible thing when foolin with Bees
    Any and all input would be greatfull. I am a second year beek and will be on a large learning curve for years



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    If has worked for me. You will increase your odds if you feed them.


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