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    Default question about adding new wax foundation

    I am a first year beekeeper and have alot of questions,

    I have 2 hives, my hive in question is all medium 8 frames boxes started from a package in may of this year,
    during my last inspection, i had 2 mediums of brood,pollen and honey in the bottom 2 boxes and 2 boxes of honey on top, 1 of the honey supers was all capped and the other was partially sealed honey. my question is, i added another med with new frames and foundation that i alternated with some of the honey frames and wax fountaion hoping they would draw out the comb on the new frames for a total of 5 boxes,should i have done something different? or taken some honey off?. we have been told that we might not get enough honey the first year so i am leary of taking some honey that they might need for the winter. we are planning on having 2 med honey supers and 2 med brood boxes going into the winter ??

    second question,
    the bees are coming back with pollen should i be feeding now?

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    Default Re: question about adding new wax foundation

    Seems to me from reading other posts, you could extract a box and put it back on the bees will clean and re fill and have plenty for the winter. See post - winter configuration . They are discussing how many boxes seem to work best. Stoked you get honey first year!!!

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    Default Re: question about adding new wax foundation

    Main issue is late in the year, they will make existing combs wider and not touch foundation.... depends on certain variables but about now is the time when new comb will stop getting drawn, especially when you alternate frames in like that.

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    Default Re: question about adding new wax foundation

    I have two supers and two deeps full, I'm hoping to extract and then put the supers back on for them to fill up through the flow or feeding. I think you're on track, from what I've read.
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