Anyone built their own custom cappings spinner that can chime in and give a bit of advice?

I've got an older Maxant 4-frame tangential extractor (series 1600, model 4), just ordered a new 1400P to increase the volume of extraction I can do.

I'm debating what to do with the 4-frame tangential. I'm thinking of building a cappings spinner.

Option A) Make some bags to fit in the current frame baskets using nylon filter material. Minimal expense, keeps the extractor intact. Filling the bags and loading into the baskets could be a PITA. Part of me says to try this, since it's a pretty cheap option that won't cost me much to try. (Just need to get someone to sew the bags for me, possibly reinforce the Maxant baskets with some stainless mesh so the bags don't blow out the sides)

Option B) Make a cappings spinner basket, solid stainless bottom, perforated stainless sides. Does one need a "blade" assembly like the Maxant cappings spinners have? Not really sure how effective they are at chopping up cappings, since the blades spin with the basket. I wouldn't plan on uncapping directly into the tank... although I guess I could...

Option C) Sell the extractor and consider it as a downpayment on a new cappings spinner.