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    I am wondering how difficult (or simple) your experience has been in finding pollination contracts. Do you generally work with the same farms from year to year? Are you aware of any resources that exist to connect beekeepers to farmers, or is it for the most part a word of mouth kind of business? I am curious as an outsider looking in how this all works. I'm noticing that there are very few online resources that address linking pollinators to farms, and those that exist don't appear to be very active.

    The point of this post is really to come to the question....Do you think that the pollination community would benefit from having an online platform geared towards connecting bees to farms?

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    Possibly, but the North East is pretty well booked years in advance. Until a beekeeper dies, retires, or raises his price higher than the grower is willing to pay beekeepers and growers know they can depend on each other and stick together.

    When a beekeeper fails, doesn't deliver for some reason the void gets filled almost immediately. Growers go looking and pollination suppliers step up.

    Things seem to be working just fine. But, ya never know. Modernization every now and then is not always a bad thing. Best wishes.
    Mark Berninghausen

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    As some one who was looking for a pollination gig this year. I would say yes it would be helpful. What I had to do was contact the county AG offices and seed companies to try and find growers who needed bees.
    Not many wanted to deal with me as I am small potatoes and only have 100 hives to move around.
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