Kind of weird situation in my hives. Here's the story. 2 weeks ago I found four or five queen cells in one hive on the bottom of the frames. Taking frames out ripped open or otherwise damaged every queen cell I found. I split anyway and tried to do a walkaway. After the split my last hive I found a nice frame with young larvae and I suspected eggs, though I can't ever see them. I stuck in the split, not the original hive, thinking maybe the queen was in the original. Fast forward to about a week and half later. Opened up original hive. No larvae to be found. Capped cells, some drone, some not drone. No new larva. Opened up the split. The frame I had stuck in there had maybe 8 capped queen cells or more, some larvae on that frame only. No larvae anywhere else. Capped brood was around however. I made the judgement call that the larva on the frame meant a queen was present. Also the number of cells told me the queens were not supercedure cells. I moved The frame into the original hive thinking that was queen less and the split had the queen. Looking for verification if my call seems right. Also.... Can I remove say two cells and put them in the split, just in case?? Do I just scrape off cells and push onto a new frame?? I know I have almost no time to do this as they were all capped. Suggestions?? Thanks.