I started my first Hive going on May 7th: been inspecting each week....things going along great...lots of brood, pollen, honey: added second hive body 2 weeks ago after noting that 70% of lower hive body was drawn out....in the last two weeks I have noticed that, while activity is still going along well...Queen busy laying eggs....5 or 6 of the frames on the upper hive body are drawn out....that there remain three frames on the lower hive that are undrawn (I used wax foundation on wooden frames): I have rotated the frames closer to the center...but still don't see much activity on them: should I be concerned...or will the bees get to them in their own time? I have also been continuously feeding SW in a top feeder.....they have been slow to utilize it over the weeks...but starting to do more so now. There have been no swarm cells or supersedure cells built to date. Brood pattern is fantastic...not spotty at all.