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    What are the chances of getting any honey off BT Cotton in the Harpersville ( south of Birmingham, Alabama area)? This cotton has been planted in different stages and the first will start blooming in around 2 weeks.


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    My experience with cotton has been good - typically a large crop. However, last year wasn't great, but the year before was huge. Some love cotton honey, other not so much. Personally, I'm not a big fan of its taste. Of course, BT doesn't mean that its not going to get sprayed. I haven't seen big pesticide losses on cotton, but your area may be different. The way the farmer manages his fields can make a big difference. Fortunately, I'm working with a farmer that understands the value of pollinators and takes measures to protect my bees - that's not going to be universally true. As mentioned in another recent thread, there are a whole host of chems that get sprayed on cotton, not just pesticide.
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