Re drone cells. My colonies dont normally draw much / any drone comb in the worker frames, they have a green drone frame for that. We haven't seen any attempt to draw drone cells in other frames since we started putting the drone frames in.

That is a Mann Lake PF-100 frame, so 4.9mm cells.

Ok, I got the ruler out, sort of. Popped the image up in gimp, and started counting pixels across the two different sized cells. Since the small ones are known to be 4.9mm, and 5 of them spans 176 pixels, and 5 of the bigger ones span 229 pixels in the original unshrunk image, a little arithmetic tells us, those are 6.3mm cells in the freeform section. Interesting, I had noticed they were bigger, just never paid much / any attention to how much bigger. Now we know. It's a bit surprising, this colony has raised a full round of brood in the drone frame, and there is NO SHORTAGE of drones. I dont try restrict my colonies from raising drones, rather I promote it by making sure the green frames are in the brood nest.

Now I'm wondering, are they drawing that size in prep for drones, or is it because they are stuffing it full of honey and have no intention of raising brood in it ?