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    That makes sense. It just seemed like you were relying on others to invite you and I find that going after the job is more productive than waiting for it to come to you. I see you are not doing that at all though. Thanks for explaining.
    "Most of my exercise comes from wrestling with pigs and beating dead horses."
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    I agree with what Mark says. I have a semi load of bees and am based in Stafford, Virginia. I do apples, in VA then pumpkins but move bees to Maine and Ohio. They overwinter in Florida and build on pepper.

    There is also a huge market for Nucs here. I sold over 150 this year and could have sold more but just didn't. I also sell packages. If you're going to be in any business, I would think, you need to diversify. Resting on one item to base your business model has failure written all over it. Keith Jarret will also tell you to watch cash flow and truer words could not be spoken.

    Also factor in something I didn't see coming this year. The cost, in terms of being in a high state of p***tification when some yutz decides to deface your colonies to the point that you have to paint them before moving to the next job. I rolled into Maine this week to pull my colonies off blueberries only to find swear words written in crayon on some of my colonies telling me to stay out of Maine. Hope I never find this guy. retired law enforcement or not, I might commit a misdemeanor or two.


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