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    Default can anybody recommend a forum for bird(boxe)s

    hi, i am pulling all kind of treasures outta the trash... like yesterday a set of loudspeakers of different sizes... or 5-25 liters water-jugs... etc.
    i want to recycle that stuff - have been thinking for a while now to build bird-boxes from trash. i know different bird species look for different (size)boxes and entrance-holes and styles.
    can someone here point me at a place like beesource/forum where i can get some feedback and tips?
    thanks a lot, peter

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    Default Re: can anybody recommend a forum for bird(boxe)s

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    Default Re: can anybody recommend a forum for bird(boxe)s

    The site below is named after bluebirds, but also has info about nest boxe sizes for many other birds:

    - also -

    Neither of those links are forums per se, but appear to be what you are looking for. More available by using search term of:

    bird nest box sizes
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