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    Default Should I try to combine swarm workers with new nuc?

    I have just installed 3 nucs in 3 hives, and they're doing ok but my questions is this: If I catch a swarm, can I kill its queen and combine them with one of the new hives to give it more workers?

    I know I can find out here HOW to combine hives or swarms, but I'm asking if this is even advisable. I have the plastic nuc boxes I can bait so I'm wondering if it is worth it.


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    Default Re: Should I try to combine swarm workers with new nuc?

    I think there is a risk to your established queens by joining queenless swarms with them. I've had problems in the past myself from doing it, with my established queens becoming missing. I think it would be a better idea to box the swarms and let them become established first, then pinch the worst queens and do joins in late summer to give numbers for over winter... just a thought.


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