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    Default Gardener, wanna be beekeeper in NWI!

    Hello! I am brand new to bee keeping. I enjoy gardening, sewing, crochet, and generally all things crafty or involving animals/nature. After hearing that the bees are in trouble and seeing next to none in my garden the past few years, I decided to try keeping a garden hive. I was pleasantly surprised to find them both gentle and extremely interesting. I am by no means a carpenter, but I built a Warre Hive for them after researching my options, it turned out pretty decent and more importantly the bees seem to like it pretty well. I made a hideous bee suit and veil, but it keeps me sting free and more confident for now. Thousands of stinging insects is just a bit intimidating at first. I am having some trouble with cross combing, which seems pretty common for top bar type hives. There is always a down side I guess. I have only had the bees two weeks, they have nearly filled the first box with comb, in spite of my efforts to 'help' and there seems to be a decent amount of brood, but it is some what hard to tell with the comb the way it is. Other than releasing the queen after my install on 6/7/14, I have been in twice trying to correct the comb. I am concerned that they will leave if I disturb them any further. Btw the hive is level, even after a few days of rain, my bar spacing seems ok, and I am in Northwest Indiana. Thanks for this site and your help.

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    Default Re: Gardener, wanna be beekeeper in NWI!

    Welcome Tracy!


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