I saw a swarm take up home in a hollow at the base of a large tree. There are two entrances that I have found. I closed off one completely and closed off the other with about a 1.5 inch entrance. Bees are using that exclusively and seem to be thriving.

I am interested in connecting a 10 frame deep to the hole I left them. Not wanting to remove them but would like to have them use the deep as well as the tree. That way I can use brood/eggs if I can access them. I am interested to see if they can survive year to year in the tree.

I have opaque 1 inch tube and black aquarium tubing that is closer to 2 inch diameter. Which would be better to go between and tree? I suppose I should make the connection as short as possible. Once set up and bees Using the hive entrance would putting in a frame with brood encourage them to also use the deep.