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    Default My Beeweaver queens.

    My Beeweaver queens…
    I got 5 the first week of April. One was superscedured, but that hive superscedured the queen before and after the Beeweaver. Of the 4 remaining, one is my strongest new hive, built up rapidly to be second strongest hive. The 3 others are about average compared to the rest of my hives. None are any more aggressive than the rest of my hives. Don’t know about their mite tolerance as I have yet to do any drop counts. I usually start that in mid July and start treating. I treat (OAV) during the dearth, then treat again going into late fall. I plan to keep the Beeweavers TF if they can keep the mite load down to something I think they can survive with. If the normal drop count gets to several hundred, I will treat along with my other hives. I doubt I will try to raise additional queens this year, but if the Best Beeweaver is still doing well next spring, that is the hive I’ll use to build queen cells with. I will adjust that decision based on mite counts and will go with the best producing Beeweaver that stays TF and is still strong next spring.
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    Default Re: My Beeweaver queens.

    I have one strong colony headed into it's 3rd year, treatment free, under a BWeaver queen ( possibly superseded last year). They made almost 200 lbs last fall. They are my gentlest hive - never have to smoke them, even with a deep inspection. I have two 2014 splits going, headed by BWQ's.

    I hope they treat you as well as they have me!
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    Default Re: My Beeweaver queens.

    I have several BeeWeavers. They seem to be pretty good. I have gotten quite a bit of honey from them and they are not cranky bees - at least mine are not.
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