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    Default Things are "cozey" in my area with hives!!!

    Checked the bees Friday and threw on pollen sub as things are drying up pollen wise in my area. I decided to drive around the area to see how many hives were around and how much alfalfa and safflower was blooming and WOW!! I counted no less than 500 hives within a one mile radius of my hives!!! Hives in the usual places and hives in places I havnt seen yet!!!! Mind you, this is what I can see and count from the road with binoculars!!! When the alfalfa gets cut and safflower is done blooming, there are going to be some starving bees!!! My hives are heavy and putting it away in the supers now, hopefully that continues!!
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    Default Re: Things are "cozey" in my area with hives!!!

    With the drought we are on the edge of B-hell at this point after a pretty fair spring. Going through many 100 gallons per week at this point on my side. Not looking forward to the next 6 months..or beyond. Ouch...

    With all that competition breathing down your throat you might as well kiss those stores goodbye faster than the tips of blades on those windmills in the Altamont happen to rotate.



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