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    Default Hand full of bees

    I caught a small swarm and in the process of transferring the bees from my trap to my topbar hive I "lost" the queen. I ended up with a hand full of bees, about a 6"x 6" brood comb and a honey comb about the same size.This small amount of bees have made what appears to be a queen cell.This morning a decent size swarm moved into my swarm trap, I want to put them in the same hive where I have the hand full of bees.I would like to have some advice. What should I do with the queen cell? What is going to happen to the hand full of bees when the swarm,is introduced to the hive? I am new at beekeeping I have two other top bar hives with swarms that I caught in my traps so far the are doing well. Thanks, Hossbee

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    Default Re: Hand full of bees

    Smash the cell, dump swarm in....


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