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    Default combinding hives

    I just picked up a nuc on Wed, it's been raining here in Pa and today I got to hive it, I was trying to get done between thunder storms so was hurried a bit, I pulled middle frame of the nuc and saw brood, but a very poor laying pattern, small clusters of brood and didn't see an egg or queen, so I going to check it out good on sun, I'm figuring that if my assumptions are correct and I don't have a good laying queen, I have been thinking about combining them with a nuc that I just re-queened a week ago and I'm sure she could use the extra help to keep her laying, so please tell me whats wrong with my plan, this place is the fastest place to learn about bees

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    Welcome again Chuck! Remember to kill the poor queen before combining, if you cannot find her try again!


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