I have adopted a hive from my farmer which needs to be moved to his new location a mile and a half down the road. This hive swarmed 2 weeks ago and the swarm now resides at the new farm.

I have only briefly been in the hive to pilfer a frame of honey and a frame with a queen cell as insurance for the swarm. There is a ton of honey and a large population remaining.

My concern is since it has been two weeks, if there were other queen cells presumably they will have emerged? If I move the hive after dark to a new place, if the new queen has already started her mating flights will she re orient at a new location, or is this the worst timing?

If I dig into the hive and discover no queen cells(will they leave signs of a newly emerged cell or clean it up right away?). Should I requeen before a move or after? I actually have a purchased queen but I am inclined to let them keep their genetics going as they have done so well with little intervention other than exceptional forage.

Finally, if I go through the hive and find a queen/queen cells I would like to do a split with my purchased queen. Is there a general way to know if there is a large enough population to make a split?