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Thread: so I requeened.

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    Default so I requeened.

    After 10 days of no eggs or larva and oodles of drones I began to think my queen pooped out on me. None of the hatched out worker cells were refilled with eggs. Lots of stores and lots of bloom. I pinched my queen and introduced a new one 2 days later. My supplier suggested they were preparing to swarm. No supercedure cells anywhere. Really kind of a peetering out of bee population....except drones. Did I do the right thing. This queen with shipping was nearly a hundred bucks...but I am into this experiment about 400 already....I just didnt want to quit them...any thoughts?

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    Default Re: so I requeened.

    Sounds like you need to start raising queens! lol

    You did the right thing with the info you had.


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