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    Default dealing with SHB in top bar with top entrance.

    So, my new TBH is going well, drawing out comb big time and raising brood, no queen cups and taking feed like crazy now that the flow has about stopped. Major problem however is that these bees LOVE making sawdust and/or wax bits. Its all collected in the front and not even being taken out so I figured I'd give them a hand and take out some of it. Imagine my surprise when it started MOVING I then started looking and could see larvae... ok, what the heck is it.

    Was going to post on here asking what it is, now I know what it is exactly, SHB, I mashed my first one closing up the hive.... crap. Since the bottom board isnt angled on its sides, wax bits and sawdust collects along the edges and the bees dont bother with it... too bad its a haven for SBH. So how do I deal with this issue and nip it in the bud before I wind up with a slimed hive?

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    Default Re: dealing with SHB in top bar with top entrance.

    I have the exact same problem in my TBH.


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