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    Default Summer Honey Needs

    Was just reading the thread on mediums for supers and how many are needed.

    Mr Beeman stated that 3 for brood and 1 for honey. And that is what I currently have on my strongest hives. But I have a question related to that.

    Come winter, using last winter as a guide, it seems that if we have a goldenrod flow, then one medium over the winter seems to be enough.

    But what about summer time periods when there is no flow. Is a medium full of honey enough to hold 3 mediums of bees for a few weeks in the summer? A month...? Eight weeks ?

    Anyone on the gulf coast that might be able to let me know how much they use during the summer periods.
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    Default Re: Summer Honey Needs

    I am not from your region but brood rearing is always the key to how much honey a colony will need to feed itself for a given period of time. Three mediums is just a tad more than two deeps and should certainly be enough to carry you thru most periods if the bees store a reasonable amount of honey in them. Good luck finding a local to help.


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