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    Default How long to wait for queen to lay?

    I may have done the wrong thing. I had four new nucs with cells I grafted. All four queens (looked) mated. After a couple of weeks three had eggs and larva one did not. I thought she may have been honey bound (is that the correct spelling?) because we had a good flow going and the nuc was full. I moved it to a 10 frame hive, week later no eggs or larva. The hive behaved like a queen right hive with lots of polished cells, she looked good. I squished her and made a double deep using newspaper. Should I have given her more time? I was worried I might get a laying worker. I would have better understood if she was a drone layer but I saw nothing? Clogged egg duct? Ideas.
    Devlin Wilde
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    Default Re: How long to wait for queen to lay?

    Sounds like something I might do myself put in that situation. A good queen should start laying within a couple weeks after emergence. She will fly out to mate out starting about 4 days after emergence from her cell, as long as weather is permitting. Then she can fly out multiple days if she wants to mate more. After having mated her last time she stays put in the hive, normally starting to lay eggs within a week after her last mating flight. More or less the more experienced beekeepers say to wait a min of 30 - 45 days to find eggs, that time includes the time it takes for the queen to be made.
    Thomas Bartram


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