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    Default Queens not hatching

    This info generated from queen rearing calendar:

    Day # DOW Date Task/Status
    1 Tuesday 5/20 The egg is laid by the queen mother. - Made split with frame of eggs/larva
    9 Wednesday 5/28 Queen cells are capped -I didn't check this day
    16 Wednesday 6/4 Queens hatch - none have hatched
    18 Friday 6/6 Discard any unhatched cells - still no hatching

    So, should I give up or give it another day? Or just pull one open and peek inside? And, this is using the furthest date, from a fresh egg, not a larva. My nucs are currently closed off, as the stronger colonies are wanting to rob them. If it's a failure, I just want to add all the nuc frames together and stick back on a queen right hive to have the brood cells re-populated. Sound right? We have had crappy beekeeping weather all week long.

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    Default Re: Queens not hatching

    When using frame of eggs and young larva, the bees start with larva just emerged. They will make some the first day, some the second day, some the third day as eggs change into larva. The first day makes should have emerged by June 1st or 2nd. The last ones started should emerge by today, June 6th. If none have emerged by tomorrow, joining back to a queen right hive is an option.

    I myself would not have screened them in for the full duration. I would have reduced entrance and used a robber screen. I would have made them up boiling over in population of nurse bees for insurance of good cell building and for defense of the nuc. Give it a try again in a week, hopefully you'll have better success.

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    Default Re: Queens not hatching

    Also you need to look carefully at the cells. Sometimes the queen will emerge and the cap acts line it is on a hinge and will swing back in place after she leaves the cell. Then the cell looks like she has not emerged. Give em another day or two. But like Ray said reduce the entrance don't completely close them


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