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Bees are bugs. Extremely fascinating and incredibly efficient bugs but still bugs. I'll never understand the complexity of their behavior and I thoroughly enjoy being mystified by them. Still they are bugs. How does one determine which bug is more worthy of praise than another bug? All bugs seem to have a purpose so is it the "cuteness" that draws some bugs into a persons heart? That is my theory. People seem to think more highly of some creatures than other and, I feel, it is mainly due to the fact that these chosen creatures are "cute". In my mind, where the term "gray area" is nothing more than an term used to make excuses or rationalizations, it is black and white. No one creature is above any other plain and simple. Just to be clear I am excluding people in my creature list. People are above any other creature in every regard. Unless they are in Walmart.
Wow. lol. i'm gonna put this on my bees refrigerator, they gonna laugh and laugh. Every creature is the same! except one! We're number one We're number one.