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    Default ants, ants and...maggots, oh my

    i am currently maintaining four beehives, they are all perched on two pieces of cinderblock each. all of the feeders (on the top of the hives) are being infested with (carpenter?) ants, which drown in the syrup and it appears the bees do not want to eat the syrup in that condition.

    so i am wondering is it possible to use those little containers of advion (indoxacarb) to kill the ants? i know indoxacarb is toxic to bees, but the openings of the containers are large enough to let ants through but small enough to prevent bees from going through.

    eta; also one feeder has some kind of larvae in it, i think its maggots?

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    Default Re: ants, ants and...maggots, oh my

    I wouldnt use the pesticide. all you need is one ant carrying a little bit of that on it and the Queen getting some of it and dying. Then you have another problem.
    you need to make some type of oil barrier. There are plans for an oil tray/vaseline barrier for the cinderblock and threads on this site for that. I use a saw horse so i have 4 frisbees on all 4 legs with oil in them. This creates a barrier that the ants cant cross and get into the hive. After you do that then you can go thru and smoosh ants.

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    Default Re: ants, ants and...maggots, oh my

    Or check out the "Charlie B." hive stand design you'll find in a thread around here. Use pipe for the hive stand legs and then use vinyl pipe reducers or end caps to make inverted cups that go on the stand legs. Put grease in the inverted cups and you have an ant barrier that does not fill up with water. Works a treat!!


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