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    Default Hi from northern Wyoming..

    My 2 yr. old bees swarmed today. Got them in a new hive. My hubby opened the supers they left and most of the frames in the 2nd super were filled with honey, and also hundreds of drone cells ( found out tonight that was what they were from looking at pics). And superedure cells on the middle of frames. One was almost 2 " long, both ends attached to the frame..? what is it ? and dozens of queen cells on the bottoms.
    It is only end of May and most all the frames are filled with honey now. What to do ?? We fed them 1st of the month.... but why sooo many drone cells and one of them was just ugly.. was double drone cells one on top the other, and 7 " long. Some larva in them was dead.. that cluster of ugly cells was on the side of one of the frames. Do I have a health issue here ? What do I do ???? We put a honey super on top tonight.. but there is something wrong with the looks of these frames !! So appreciate any advice !!! Thanks !!!

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    Hey from Tennessee!
    Better experts than me will reply, but here's my take. I would capitalize on the queen cells! That is really a good thing.
    Put them in mating nucs and you will have several colonies. Put one queen cell in each nuc with a frame of honey and some pollen and some nurse bees. (Easier said than done I know.) Hopefully they are on different frames. Leave only one in your hive.
    This hive will raise itself another queen and the hive will fix itself. Drones are not all bad. We sort of need them. I wouldn't worry too much about that. Good luck and I'm interested in the advice of others myself.

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    Welcome HMHB!


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