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    So today I found the first wax moth larvae in one of my hives. I was doing a routine inspection quickly glancing at most of the frames as it is a new hive and wanted to see if they needed another deep yet. All the frames were drawn out so I threw on another deep and moved some frames up. I culled a big chunk of burr comb that had some brood and that's where I happened to find 1 wax moth larvae. My question is if I should do anything besides keeping an eye on the hive and hope they are strong enough to clean up the wax moth larvae? They needed another deep so it's a fairly strong colony that is building up nicely. I am also using foundation less frames.

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    If your hive is really strong no need to worry about wax moth. I am not sure if it is really so strong you think. You can always remove the frame with the damaged comb.
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