I know...wrong season...but...

What position do you put your inner covers on your hives when buttoning up for winter?

Groove up? Groove Down? To the front? To the back?

My Mom, who is a new beek (2nd season) is visiting me from Boston. She managed to get one of two hives through the absolutely brutal NE winter this year. We were pulling some honey here today, and doing some inspections, and the positioning of inner covers came up in discussion. I don't want to "plant any seeds" so to speak...but would love input! I know plenty about bees, but mostly just in Florida conditions.

So...what say you, Northern Beeks? Inner cover position going into winter please? Do you change it come spring?

Thanks so much for your input. I am feeling she may have been misinformed, and I want to get her the right answer(s). Thanks!