So anytime I notice a big change in behavior, I have to consider something is going on (whether it be good or not) so I've looked this up and can't seem to find anything... In fact, it might NOT mean anything! But I have a lot invested in these girls (mostly emotionally at this point if you seen my other thread on the first two swarms) so I just want to be sure!!

New colony is just about 7 days old with an initial population of around 5.5lbs of bees. I have a TBH, so through the window I can see nice straight comb from at least 4-5 frames. I'm super happy to see that. Here is what has changed. in the first 4 days, they were only taking around 16-18 ounces of sugar syrup (1:1). As of now and a couple of days ago, they are taking 24-30 oz of syrup, and they are bringing in almost pollen exclusively (from what I can tell staring at the bees returning when i watch them in awe every chance I get). I'm going to presume they're in a massive "feeding new larvae" mode, but does that mean I have a poor nectar flow? Or convenience for them? California is experiences a major drought, but the amount of pollen I see must suggest there are plenty of flowers. Any reason for the increase outside of brood rearing?

Thanks so much in advance!