We have several holding yards available starting in October 2014 to over winter your hives prior to almond pollination.
Sites also available for post almond season holding yards to make splits or waiting for your area to warm up.
Prices range depending on location, number of months rented, and number of hives. Non broker clients pay $0.25 per hive.

We will need an additional 4,000 hives this year for almond pollination.

We Provide the Following:

Hives are placed behind locked gates.
24/7 security with nightly patrols.
Fungicide spraying only and only at night.
Wintering yards with full service hive maintenance, feeding and medication.
We have forklifts and crew to place hives in orchards.

Visit our web site for more information: www.almondbeepollination.com

California Almond Pollination Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 815
Hughson, CA. 95326
(916) 740-5534