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    Default Honey Flow -N- Supers

    So all of my hives are doing what bees do, staying busy and making honey. Had to add a second super to two of them yesterday. So is there a rule of thumb on how to check the supers? I'm just wondering if weekly check is enough or do I need to pop the lid off every two or three days. Up until now, I have spent one year and two months keeping them alive and in the box (instead of swarming). Never had this "honey" problem before.

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    Default Re: Honey Flow -N- Supers

    It really depends on the flow. But, normally once a week is plenty even if there is a really good flow going. During the height of our Gallberry flow the bees can fill up a box each week. I pop the tops once a week and add boxes as needed. If I have drawn comb I will add two boxes at once if it looks like the weather and the flow is going to hold out a couple more weeks.


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