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    Last year was my first year Bee Keeping. Lucky enough to have 9 frames of Honey left over. Earlier this year they were put in the freezer ( approx 6 weeks ). Pulled them out and let them sit on the counter for 4 days to thaw out completely and any moisture to take a hike. Most of the frames were a nice light yellow , but a few had dark sections in them. Once I started uncapping to extract, I would dip a finger and taste. The yellow was delicious as expected. The dark was stronger and seemed to have a ( musty ) aftertaste. Only way I can explain it. It is a lingering after taste that isn't very pleasant. Probably a mistake, but I extracted all the frames together and while the after taste isn't as bad, it's still there. Any help or expanation of what I did wrong would be greatly appreciated. One final question. If Fed back to the girls will the taste stay or will the reprocessing do away with it?


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    They pull from two different nectar.


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