We are located in the Temecula/Anza, CA area and are in critical need for a couple frames of bees. Our nonprofit organization brings bees into classrooms to teach about the importance of animal pollinators and get children excited about science and nature.
We have had nothing but bad luck this last year in our beeyard and currently have no colonies. I pre-ordered bees in November and was just informed that my order could not be filled and my deposit was returned. So here I am with my first bee presentation of the season coming up on May 6th and no bees.
Please contact me if you or someone you know can help. I would love a full colony with a queen, HOWEVER, I would be delighted just to be able to borrow two frames of workers for a couple days.
I can be reached at ryoung at boojum.org or at 951-763-4102 Ext. 226.

Thank you so much!!