I last posted an update in early March, so I figured it was time to do another one. I found lots of small hive beetles and larvae, particularly in traps near the entrances. I think some beetles lay eggs in the bait comb and the larvae hatch in the trap and subsequently drown when they can't get out. How I love seeing dead beetles and larvae! Debris can build up on the funnels, so every week I check to see if I need to scrape them clean. In one hive, some varroa stuck on a funnel below an entrance, but not on any of the other funnels, which makes me wonder if they are getting knocked off as bees jostle each other coming and going, or if it's due to fighting between the guards and robbers. If the hive had a problem with varroa, the other funnels should have some as well, especially the ones below the brood combs. Here's the link that shows the latest contents of one of the jar traps, along with the whole easy feeder/pest control album that I've already posted. http://imgur.com/a/3YTzK