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    Default checking trap out

    I've had a trap out on the wall of a old school building for 3-4 weeks. Just brought it home this morning. How long do I need to let them settle in for before I open it up and check for queen, or requeen if needed?

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    Default Re: checking trap out

    same day, while its trapping, the next day. go for it buddy!

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    Default Re: checking trap out

    Did you use a frame of eggs for the bait hive?

    If so you can check at any time for the queen. If it has been 3 weeks I would let it sit for another week. She could be out on mating flights and if you move the hive during the day you could miss her returning to the hive.

    Three weeks is not long enough to complete a rap out. Have you let them rob out the inside of the old hive? Need to remove the cone and watch the entrance for a day of two, if you see bees entering bringing in pollen......back on with the cone.


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