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    We did a cut out yesterday. According to the people renting the house a swarm only moved in less than two weeks ago. The bees were in a false Dormer on a sloping roof. We had a terrible time pulling out the plywood soffit. It was just far enough back that it was hard to reach and there was not enough roof to sit or stand on so we had to reach out a distance with the crowbar and the sawzall. After we exposed the hive we vacuumed up the bees and cut the comb down. There was no brood just honey. At first we were thinking that there was no queen then I noticed bees going into another hole in the soffit. So we pulled down more soffit and found a second set of comb almost three feet away. This comb had brood. Once we started vacuuming them they changed behavior and began to clump more in the vac. box and the noise changed. We finally got home about 7:30. We had one hive that appeared queen less but still had a lot of bees so we decided to add this group the that hive. I set an empty medium over the deep with the frames and original bees then pulled the bottom of the bee vac box dumping the new bees into the empty medium. we put a feeder jar on and retreated to the koi pond with our evening bourbon. After dark I took a quick peak and everyone seemed to be settling in.
    This morning there was a lot of activity at the front of the hive. There was a lot of clusters of a hundred or so bees in each cluster. I did not see any fighting. I thought at first I was wrong about there not being a queen and that they were going to swarm with one of the queens. There were no foragers coming in going just everyone milling around on the front of the hive. I had several projects in the garage right next to the hives so I kept a sharp eye on them all day long. Finally around noon I began to see foragers going and coming and most of the bees went back into the hive.
    One theory that one of my beekeeper friends suggested that I was right about being two queens but rather than one of them swarming one did in the other and once the pheromones became normal then everyone went back to work,
    Any one else have any theories>\\?

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    How about the hive was queenless as you thought. all of a sudden they got a queen. The excitement was combined with confusion of those who had been just moved, and it took a while for the two colonies to sort things out. The old colony is happy they have a ruler, and the new colony realizes they are welcome family. life is good now!


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