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    Default 3 times a charm, FINALLY caught my first swarm

    The past 2 weekends I have had swarms and some experiences in trying to get them. A lot of valuable learning experience but no success. Was surprised to see this swarm close to my barn yesterday. Not sure if it is even from one of my two hives. Bees were up about 12 feet. I found a strip of wood I had saved about 10 feet long and I attached a five gallon bucket to it with a wire coat hanger. Had my box ready and eased the bucket under the swarm and hit the limb. A bucket full of bees lowered and put in the box. Some bees went back to the limb but not as many as on the original swarm. I backed away and watched with great curiosity. A lot of bees staying with the box. About an hour later I heard them all revving up and starting to move. They all moved right to the new box. What a great feeling for a fairly new bee keeper to catch his/her first swarm.
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    Default Re: 3 times a charm, FINALLY caught my first swarm

    Good golly David, glad you caught that one!!! Good luck with them.

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    Default Re: 3 times a charm, FINALLY caught my first swarm

    That looks like a big swarm glad you got it.Sounds like you got the queen on the first try.
    Glad for you .Mark,,,,,,,


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