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    Default First Inspection

    Great day in beekeeping! I took advantage of the good weather to do an inspection and look for a few things.

    First, I wanted to see how much comb they've built and what they're doing with it. Second, I wanted to find the queen if possible. Third, I wanted to find evidence that the queen is healthy and laying.

    The inspection was a success! They have three good sized combs and and have started filling each with pollen and nectar. I happened to find the queen. And by looking at pictures afterwards, I found eggs in brood cells!

    These bees were installed April 5, so it's been 6 days.

    Eggs.jpg DSC_7879 (Medium).jpg DSC_7874 (Medium).jpg DSC_7868 (Medium).jpg DSC_7867 (Medium).jpg DSC_7864 (Medium).jpg DSC_7861 (Medium).jpg
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