ello all,

Hope it is ok to post this here, if not, yell at me at I won't do it again I am not selling anything, so I didn't think this should be in the classifieds area.

I am interested in adding more treatment free genetics to my area. In effort to do that I am considering a bee weaver queen (http://www.beeweaver.com/Buy-BeeWeaver-Queens). I have heard all sorts of things about these queens, but I figure it is worth trying one out this year finally.

Shipping is expensive, as are the queens, and I am reaching out to see if anyone is interested in these queens and sharing the shipping status.
We would need to do at least express shipping to guarantee live delivery. Would be great to do overnight if we had enough people.
Queens are $29 each + 1$ for marking
Shipping is 19.99 for USPS Express; ~$57 for overnight

I was looking at a shipping date of the third week in June (but am flexible).

If interested please let me know. I hope to make a decision within a week, or sooner if the interest is there.

Thanks all!

Also any personal experience with these queens in the Northeast would be great to hear.