Hey guys just wanted some advice on a feral hive I removed for some folks from one of their tractor tires. Seems it was a fairly new hive, the people who owned the tractor said they had been there for five or so days. When I cut the tire open I found they had started building some comb. They had about 3 combs but they all fell to pieces when I cut the tire open. Caught the queen and most of the hive. I hived them in a 10 frame deep and gave them a frame half full with open and sealed brood from my other hive. The queen is in a small box at the bottom of the hive. I am also feeding them sugar syrup to stimulate wax production since they were not a swarm and not full of honey. Are there any other recommendations you guys have for getting them to stay? It's a fairly large hive, bigger than my current one. Some of the bees tend to beard at night and during the day. Is that because they want to leave? Or are they just getting adjusted to the new hive? It's in a shaded location so I don't think its too hot. I plan to release the queen on Saturday. I hope they don't abscond.