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Thread: Bee vac video

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    Default Bee vac video

    A couple of weeks ago, I saw a bee-vac made using two nested 5-gallon buckets. The guy drilled 4, 1-" holes at the same location 90 apart through both buckets, glued screenwire to the inside of the interior bucket. He used a bucket-top vacuum with a piece of foam in the inlet neck and used a piece of clear smooth hose instead of a corrugated hose. The vacuum pressure was regulated by rotating the buckets to control the aperture size created by the two overlapping holes of the inner and outer bucket.

    I cannot locate that video anywhere. None of the youtube videos is the right one. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
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    I think you have the idea well enough to just go ahead and build it. Google bucket bee vac gets lots of hits. There is a nice one in the build it yourself plans on this site (not a bucket though). Somewhere on this site is a thread that describes one that vacuums them right into a deep box.

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    Default Re: Bee vac video

    I saw that also. I think it was linked on the 628 Dirt Rooster you tube.
    Try Smokeydabee Charles Coleman. That's the one I watched. Dirt rooster has a video of his vac. It is what I would fashion one after.

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    Default Re: Bee vac video check about 4 minutes into this one.


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