I setup a phone number for our "service".

Put an ad on craigslist and called the local animal rescue people (they were glad we called, their old guy said he didn't want anymore).

Got a hit within 2 hours of the animal rescue people about a cut out. My buddy went look at that, forgot to ask him about it.

A friend from FB had a friend with a swarm that I went pick up (went like text book, no gear, just snip and place in box... awesome!)

Today had 3 calls, one swarm that I think the lawn guys spooked up and they must have moved on before I got there (was there in 20 mins) then a trap out of a hive in a tree and right after that a call about a swarm in a bush.

Went shake that out and it's now how at my buddy's place.

As busy as it is, I just wish there was more money in it! LOL

Mostly, I'm just stoked that we have so many feral colonies still around, and we had the worse winter in the last 20 years this past year... so they are survivors!