I have one Warre hive (my others are standard 8-frame medium hives). The warre hive survived the winter, but appears very weak. I checked it this afternoon, there are just a few bees (maybe a pound, could be less). They are in two boxes of drawn comb, though appear to be occupying only the top box.

Because this is a Warre hive, it is difficult for me to fully inspect the hive. Without tearing the hive apart, I did see some nectar/honey, but I can't tell if there is any brood. (when I turned the box on its side, no brood was visible so if there is some it would be minimal). The hive is bringing in some pollen, and some say that is evidence of a queen and brood, but others say it isn't.

So, is there anyway to tell if there is a queen? If there is not a queen, or a very poor queen, how do you re-queen a Warre hive?