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    I know I'm not the original poster but I'd like to say thanks for the answers. Good advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CWoods View Post
    Hello all!

    I finished working for a commercial guy this past year and this year I am on my own.

    I noticed there are some people (i call them beesource trolls) that always talk like there is no money in beekeeping...ever.

    Is there anyway some of the commercial guys here could post some of their number of hives and income for the year.

    I really want some hope that I can do what I love and actually provide for my family. This would help me see the bigger picture for sure. I haven't quit my day job yet...but that is my eventual goal. I love beekeeping and would love to do this for a living. Thanks guys for your time!
    If someone has been running a bee business as their only financial source for some years then there is enough money in it for them to manage.
    Janne....first hives April 2013, 19 hives, treat, plant zone 8b, at sea level, latitude 49.13, longitude 123.06

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    When I went for my interview to become a special agent, the agent-in-charge asked me what my college major was. When I told him criminal justice, he about spit his coffee out. He told me to change it to a business related field because our agency had lots of great investigators and produced many fantastic people who were great at investigating, but made lousy managers. So I did. it is probably the only time I took some advice. I changed my degree to Accounting and obtained a BBA. Best decision I ever made. I cant tell you how much I use what I learned every day. Of course, as soon as HQ learned I had an accounting degree they took me off of rape, robbery and murder and put me in a fraud unit. That was about as funny as a screen door on a submarine, but a story for another time.

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