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Thread: My blueberries

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    I have a few blueberry bushes in the side of my yard. They have done really well here in arkansas and my soil stays acidic from all the pine trees dropping the needles. Honey bees don't really mess with them much but the bumble bees come in by the truck loads!:-) I want to try to get me some bumble bee nest made up after I learn about raising honey bees! They seem very interesting. Wish they made honey for us!:-) or do they?

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    I also see more bumblebees on the flowers, but if you flood a field with the honeybees, it is more effective. I have bumble bee colonies ordered for pollination too. As an individual bumblebees are more effective, but when looking at the numbers, there are many more honeynbees in a hive than a bumblebee colony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel brown View Post
    Wish they made honey for us!:-) or do they?
    Yes, all honey bees need to store honey for the winter time. This depends on the type of bees you have and
    the available nectar and pollen source in your local area.
    I luv bee source!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Dewey View Post
    Pruning blueberries is important. The yield on older stems diminishes over time. And the comments on PH and soil analysis are right on.

    Excellent point Andrew. For highbush blueberries you don't want any stem older than 8 years old. After 8 years the number of flower decrease as the stems become leafier. With mature bushes you can prune them in the winter by choosing the best two one-year old stems to keep and remove the rest of the one-year old stems. You can also remove the two oldest stems. You also want to try and prune so the 16 stems you have are equally spaced around the bush. You end up just using loppers to remove entire stems and not doing very much fine pruning.It helps to get sunlight into the interior of plant which improves fruit quality.

    It sounds a lot harder than it actually is.


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